Nacimbio's Company Extended the Sphere of Application of Relatox

Nacimbio's Company Extended the Sphere of Application of Relatox

Microgen Scientific and Production Association, a member of the Nacimbio holding company, has completed the clinical trials of Relatox (botulinum A toxin) aimed at extending its sphere of application. Its therapeutic efficiency in treating excessive sweating in armpits, or axillary hyperhidrosis, has been confirmed by the results of trials. Previously, the drug was successfully tested in all phases of clinical trials as a medication for treatment of pastic cerebral palsy in 13-17 year old patients.

The drug prevents nerve impulses from coming into sweat glands, thus blocking their secretory function.

According to the poll held among subjects participating in phase III of clinical trials aimed at extending the sphere of application of Relatox, more than 95% of subjects noted high efficiency of the drug, improved quality of life and readiness to repeat the treatment.

"The drug competes with foreign equivalents on the Russian market in a whole range of application spheres. Extended indications for use are expected to be registered in the second quarter of this year. This will be another step in developing the Russian pharmaceutical industry in aesthetic medicine and neurology," – noted Kirill Gaidash, the General Director of the Microgen Scientific and Production Association.

Botulinum toxin Relatox with extended indications for use will be commercially available in 2018. According to various estimates, there is about 3-15% of people suffering from hyperhidrosis in the world. The disease develops during teenage years or adolescence and reaches its peak at the age of 30-40 years. Imbalanced diet, stress and high body temperature may aggravate the disease.