KAMAZ Plans to Create Hydrogen-powered Trucks and Buses


KAMAZ Plans to Create Hydrogen-powered Trucks and Buses

Photo: KAMAZ

Sustainable transport is becoming more and more relevant and in increasing demand in the world’s largest cities. One of the most promising innovations in this area is the creation and implementation of transport technologies utilizing hydrogen. KAMAZ will be at the forefront of this global trend as the company's specialists will start developing a hydrogen truck and a hydrogen bus this year.

“We plan in the next year to create a hydrogen 18-ton vehicle and a hydrogen bus. I don't know exactly how quickly we can do it, but we’ll try everything. When we took up the development of an electric bus, there was no economic sense: we just saw the trends and decided to invest in testing a new innovation”, – said KAMAZ CEO Sergey Kogogin – “Moscow City's decision to make its passenger routes more eco-friendly coincided with the successful completion of our work. This success came from recognizing global trends early and leveraging our engineering capabilities. The story is the same with hydrogen. Current generation batteries are not adapted to long distances. The transition to hydrogen is a natural continuation of sustainable transport innovation".

In October 2020, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved an action plan for the development of hydrogen energy in Russia. The document provides for the development of a set of measures for state support for hydrogen energy, the formation of the necessary legal and research base, as well as other important issues.