European Police Forces to be Armed with Osa


European Police Forces to be Armed with Osa

German police officers to add non-lethal Osa (“Wasp”) handguns, already popular in Russia, to their arsenal. Other European countries and South Africa have also shown interest in the weapons system.

The Applied Chemistry Research Institute has signed contracts to ship multi-role Osa (“Wasp”) weapons system and training rounds to EU and South Africa. The Russian weapons are to be exported to Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland.

The recent Enforce Tac-2013 international police equipment and weapons trade show in Nuremberg netted orders for Osa multi-role limited incapacitation weapons for the Applied Chemistry Research Institute. The Institute will be shipping the non-lethal weapon system to Switzerland, Germany, and South Africa. The German police force has ordered a trial shipment for now, but if tests are successful, the Russian manufacturer stands to receive a high-volume order.
In addition, the Institute has signed preliminary agreements to export more than 50,000 training rounds worth more than EUR 250,000 to Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Poland.

Also in Nuremberg, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Head of the Defense Industry Commission, was given a presentation of a new concept for promoting the Institute’s products in European markets.

Osa is a non-lethal weapons system that includes a four- or two-cartridge break-action barrel-less pistol and a broad selection of special cartridges with an aluminum case and electrical pulse firing. The system is intended for police officers, for self-defense and personal protection by private individuals.

The Applied Chemistry Research Institute, a Federal Research and Production Center, OJSC is a leading Russian organization in research, design, development, production and recycling of pyrotechnics for military and civilian use. The Applied Chemistry Research Institute has been in operation since 1945. It is currently operated as part of Engineering Technologies, a holding company.

Concern Engineering Technologies OJSC is a holding company within Rostec focusing on production of ordinance and specialty chemicals. Established in 2011, Engineering Technologies produces high-precision artillery ordinance and artillery shots for different purposes, multiple rocket launchers, unguided air-to-ground rockets, small-gauge ammunition, aviation gravity bombs, etc. The holding company’s military products are currently in service in 100 countries around the world. Civilian products include agricultural machines with attached and trailer implements and equipment,  metal structures and parts for engineering products, mining and mineral exploration equipment, electrical products, commercial explosives and explosive-based products, bellow valves and flex pipes, high-capacity pumps and many other products. The holding company is run by General Director Sergey Rusakov.

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" (Rostec) is a Russian corporation established in 2007 to promote design, manufacture and exports of high-tech manufacturing products for civilian and military use. The corporation comprises 663 companies and organizations, currently grouped under eight holding companies in the defense industry sector, and five holding companies in civilian manufacturing sectors. Rostec subsidiaries operate in 60 Russian regions, shipping their products to the markets of more than 70 countries around the world. Rostec generated RUB 45.6 billion in 2011 net earnings, paying RUB 100 billion in federal, regional and local taxes.