Splav presented new missile

Splav presented new missile

World leading producer of multiple launch rocket system presented the new products. Designer of the famous Smerch and Grad systems showed missile air ammunition, which gives an opportunity of making a series of the newest efficient ammunition at the Machine Engineering Technologies presentation. The unguided S-8OFP missile of 80 mm caliber is made for the military aircrafts. The designing will become the basis for new small-size adjusted and guided missiles.

S-8OFP has high-explosive penetrating. The payload weighs 9.2 kg and the whole missile weighs 16.2 kg. Launch range is 6 km. Unguided missiles are launched from the B-8M-1(for airplanes) and B-8V20-A (for helicopters) 20-baralled blocks.

The missile is based on the famous S-8. Splav elaborated new direction for Russian Military Forces and upgraded S-8. Basic carriers for S-8OFP are the aircrafts like Su-24, Su-25, Su-27, MiG-23. MiG-27, MiG-29 and rotorcrafts like Mi-8, Mi-28, Ka-50, Ka-52.

Unguided air missiles are effective universal weapons of both single and group targets from the air in all weathers and times. This is the most massive and high-precise type of air-launched weapons, it is also rather cheap and easily maintained.

The presentation also had other Machine Engineering Technologies ventures designing as air bombs, close combat weapons, aviation interfering means and Osa system tubeless firing arms.