Uralvagonzavod to Show the Upgraded Capacity of its Vehicles

Uralvagonzavod to Show the Upgraded Capacity of its Vehicles

Photo: Uralvagonzavod

Uralvagonzavod (a part of the Uralvagonzavod Group in the Rostec State Corporation) will present its tank support fighting vehicle BMPT-72 and its tank T-90MS at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army 2021”. The vehicles have undergone specialized preparation at the facilities of the company and have been delivered to the Patriot Center near Moscow.

Tank T-90MS and tank support fighting vehicle BMPT-72 had been designed in the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (a part of the Uralvagonzavod Group in the Rostec State Corporation) and are successful upgrades of T-90S and T-72 tanks. They most clearly demonstrate how one can extend the full and efficient operation of these special vehicles with maximum benefit and at the lowest possible cost. High upgrading potential of these vehicles provides for improving their design based on cutting-edge technical requirements, offering the customer a new fighting unit with extended capabilities or transformed to meet special-purpose objectives.

For instance, the Army 2021 Forum will showcase a T-90MS tank with a high-automated combat module equipped with a multispectral gunner sight and panoramic commander sight. This allows the commander not only to have a better view of the situation, but also to manage all of machine's weapons.

Engineers from Tagil have equipped BMPT-72 with a large ammunition capacity, including fragmenting shells, to enable the vehicle to combat enemy manpower, which is critical for tanks. Increased gun elevation of automatic guns provides for engaging targets at the top floors of buildings and low-flying unmanned aircrafts. A single BMPT can easily replace 2 BMPs and an infantry platoon.

Like all other armored vehicles of UVZ, T-90MS and BMPT-72 have phenomenal reliability, high integrity and mobility. Their advantages also include high serviceability.

Before facing the Forum's guests and participants, these formidable battle machines have passed a rigorous inspection at the company's assembly shop. Then they have been washed and painted in the painting-and-commissioning shop. The camouflage patterns have been painted following special drawings. Eight painters were involved. On average, each machine took about 60 kg of paint.

Then the vehicles have been dispatched to Kubinka. When they arrive, the Uralvagonzavod specialists will transform them from transportation mode to the battle-ready one.

In addition, the UVZ Group stand will feature an exposition dedicated to Uralvagonzavod's anniversary; the company turns 85 on October 11. Historical and contemporary photographs will tell the story of the mechanic engineering industry in Nizhny Tagil.