SJ-100 Jet has Completed an Important Test Phase

SJ-100 Jet has Completed an Important Test Phase

Photo: United Aircraft Corporation

The prototype of Russian SJ-100 regional airliner manufactured by Yakovlev Production Center has successfully fulfilled the test rollouts with nosewheel lift-off from the runway. The next factory test phase will include the its maiden flight. 

Rollout with nosewheel lift-off is one of the key points in preparation for flight test. It enables the crew to practice the takeoff procedure and safe emergency rejected takeoff process. 

Previously, SJ-100 has successfully completed the shimmy test. Shimmy is a phenomenon caused by sideforces acting on a rolling wheel tire from ground. Such oscillation amplitude divergence may result in loss of control due to increased yawing or even in nosewheel failure. To avoid this dangerous effect, landing gear is provided with dedicated dampers, and full-scale test is carried out to ensure that the nosewheel withstands the occurring shimmy effect. 

SJ-100 is a regional narrow-body jet designed within the system and component import substitution program. The airliner will become another member of the currently operated Superjet aircraft family.