An Import-Substituted Superjet has Made Its Maiden Flight

An Import-Substituted Superjet has Made Its Maiden Flight

Russian SJ-100 regional jet prototype manufactured by Yakovlev Production Center, United Aircraft Corporation, has made its maiden flight. The tests confirmed stable operation of all domestic systems, aircraft flight control and stability. 

The flight lasted 54 minutes at altitudes up to 3,000 m and speeds up to 343 km/h. According to the flight mission, the crew tested the aircraft flight control and stability, cabin pressure control system and also performed landing through clouds and a missed approach operation. 

A total of 40 systems and units have been substituted on the import-independent Superjet. 

“Today's flight of the Superjet with Russian systems is the result of great common efforts of the design team and factory personnel, who designed, assembled and got off the ground actually a new plane in short time even in terms of global aviation industry,” said Yury Slyusar, General Director of United Aircraft Corporation. “This is the best demonstration of national technological self-sufficiency. We have proved, primarily to ourselves, that we can design and make modern civil aircraft independently without involving foreign technologies.” 

In order to accelerate the test program, the first jet prototype uses Franco-Russian SaM146 engines. The second prototype will start the flight test program already with domestically built PD-8 engines.