Rostec and FMBA of Russia have Presented Unique Medical Solutions at the Army-2022

Rostec and FMBA of Russia have Presented Unique Medical Solutions at the Army-2022

Photo: Anton Tushin

At the Army-2022 forum, the Rostec State Corporation and Federal Medico-Biological Agency of Russia (FMBA) presented a robotic remote ultrasound examination system prototype and HIFU-therapy system prototype for oncology treatment and to stop severe internal bleeding.

The remote ultrasound examination scanner has been developed using an augmented reality technology and is made as a console furnished with a diagnostic probe and robotic arm. Due to its space-saving and light-weight design, the equipment may be delivered even to hard-to-reach areas. The sonographer can remotely connect via the data link and use the augmented reality goggles to carry out the examination, detect hidden injuries and locate foreign bodies in the patient’s wound. The solution will help to perform examinations of patients in hard-to-reach areas. And it may be also indispensable for field hospitals in military operation conditions. 

A unique ultrasonic-based therapeutic and diagnostic system (HIFU) is another joint development project. 

“Just a little while ago such technologies seemed to be unbelievable. The robotic ultrasound system is remotely controlled by a skilled doctor from a large city or a town and enables remote examination of patients. The mobile HIFU-system ensures maximum possible safety and high precision for cancer surgery and allows to stop severe internal bleeding using focused ultrasound,” said Sergey Chemezov, CEO of Rosteс State Corporation. 

Ultrasound ablation or HIFU-therapy – is a cutting-edge hi-tech method for local tumor treatment based on the high intensity focused ultrasound exposure without damaging the surrounding skin, tissues and organs. The range of applications is rather wide – gynecology, oncology, urology, and phlebology.