Rostec is Presenting New Products at the Biotechmed-2022 Forum

Rostec is Presenting New Products at the Biotechmed-2022 Forum

Photo: Igor Rodin

The Rostec State Corporation holdings demonstrate their innovative pharmaceutical and instrument engineering solutions at the annual pharma and medical industry, biotechnology and healthcare forum Biotechmed-2022. They include medical laboratory consumables, the latest Russian vaccines and the HIFU therapy unit prototype designed to treat tumors using ultrasound.

The product showpieces provided by Rostec for the Biotechmed-2022 include in vitro diagnostics solutions: Concern KRET has launched production of polymer pipette aid tips. The products are widely used for laboratory analyses by medical, veterinary and chemical laboratories and research centers. About 80% of this market in Russia is held today by foreign-manufactured products. The project objective is to ensure the independency of the Russian healthcare system in this segment. The nearest plans include production of medical needles completely made in Russia.

Shvabe holding has provided an oxygen concentrator model for the forum in Sochi. The instrument is designed for centralized supply of medical facilities, it is connected to the hospital system and produces oxygen gas with purity up to 96% from air. This is the oxygen grade which is used in anesthesiology, resuscitation, intensive care and surgery units.


HIFU therapy unit prototype designed to treat tumors by means of high intensity focused ultrasound is another KRET’s development presented at the Biotechmed. The project is implemented together with FMBA of Russia. Today, HIFU therapy is one of the most promising and demanded methods of benign and malignant tumor treatment. In addition to high accuracy, it requires no potent drugs or introduction to general anesthesia.  More than 100,000 ultrasound ablations are made annually worldwide, the number of such interventions in Russia reached about 5,000 last year.


In Sochi, Rostec’s pharmaceutical holding – Nacimbio – presents the latest Russian vaccines and drugs developed within the Strategy of Immunoprophylaxis of Infectious Diseases. They include the first Russian-made tetravalent influenza vaccine which meets all WHO recommendations – Ultrix Quadri. And innovative drug COVID-Globulin – the world’s first highly purified human immunoglobulin drug to treat COVID-19 which was recovered from blood plasma of donors who had COVID-19. COVID-Globulin is already successfully used in clinical practice.

The Biotechmed forum is one of the key events in biopharmaceutical and medical industry, a flagship platform for discussion of pharma and medical industry, biotechnology and healthcare issues in Russia. This year, the event is held in Sochi from 19 to 20 September.