KAMAZ To Launch New Models of the K5 Generation Medium-Duty Trucks


KAMAZ To Launch New Models of the K5 Generation Medium-Duty Trucks

Photo: KAMAZ

Experts from the KAMAZ Scientific and Technical Center have expanded the range of K5 Generation KAMAZ trucks and assembled two prototypes of KAMAZ-53251 medium-tonnage trucks. 

The trucks represent an improved version of the K4 generation vehicles. The first prototypes of the K5 generation medium-duty trucks have chassis enabling the installation of superstructures for retail services and utilities. The new models differ from their predecessor K4 generation KAMAZ-5325 in terms of the chassis weight, which was reduced by almost 200 kg to increase the carrying capacity of the vehicles. 

The prototypes also have different weight characteristics. Hence, the curb weight of a vehicle intended for communal superstructures is 6,250 kg whereas the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 19 tons. The retail chassis has a curb weight of 6,550 kg. The GVWR of a truck is 18 tons, the GVWR with a trailer is 28 tons. 

”When developing the new trucks, we focused on reduction of the curb weight. At the same time, we didn’t want to compromise the ruggedness, reliability, and vehicle price, and we succeeded in these goals. The KAMAZ-53251 chassis is lighter than with the K4 generation trucks,” said Igor Valeev, Deputy Chief Designer of KAMAZ automobiles division.