KAMAZ has Developed a Unique Dump Truck for Autonomous Operation in the Quarry


KAMAZ has Developed a Unique Dump Truck for Autonomous Operation in the Quarry

Photo: KAMAZ

The designers of the Scientific and Technical center of KAMAZ have developed a unique dump truck Kamaz-6559 designed for quarry work in autonomous mode.

The vehicle is a successor of the KAMAZ line of mining dump trucks. The unmanned vehicle, named Jupiter 30, is designed to transport loosened rock mass or ore using unmanned technology - without the presence of people in the danger zone of heavy vehicles and excavators. Because of this feature, there is no cab for the driver.

"Jupiter was originally designed as an autonomous vehicle for quarry operations. It was equipped with all the necessary devices. It has special video cameras protected from dust, dirt, moisture and vibrations, 2D and 3D lidars, ultrasound sensors, radars. There are also GSM antennas and GPS/GLONASS navigation. Both axles are swivel, so the vehicle has good maneuverability," said Sergey Nazarenko, Chief Designer of Innovative Vehicles of the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ PTC.

The robotic vehicle is equipped with a KAMAZ in-line six-cylinder engine 910.12-450 with a capacity of 11.9 liters. The engine powers an electric generator that provides energy to the traction motor and charges traction batteries. All-wheel drive without a transfer case is provided by two traction electric motors, one per each axle.

The haul truck is 8,769 mm long, 2,709 mm wide, 3,499 mm high. The curb weight of the chassis is 23 tonnes, both axles (front and rear) can carry the same load - up to 25 tonnes each. The truck can transport cargo weighing up to 30 tonnes in a fully automatic or remote control mode. The speed of the vehicle is limited to 56 kph.