Finland Received a Batch of Shvabe Diffraction Optics


Finland Received a Batch of Shvabe Diffraction Optics

An Irish company with a representative office in Finland purchased the hologram diffraction gratings of the Shvabe holding of Rostec State Corporation. Products are used in environmental studies of soil, air and vegetation.

As part of a spectral device the diffraction grating decomposes the light radiation caught on it into the spectrum. Further analysis of these spectra allows specialists to determine the chemical composition and content of elements in the composition of the studied material.

Products are widely used in the field of scientific research. In the field of ecology, for example, scientists evaluate air quality with their help, as part of hyperspectral cameras. The devices capture the spectral characteristics of each pixel in the resulting image and thus determine the composition and condition of the filmed subject.

SCO TRADE Ltd, which purchased 30 Shvabe hologram diffraction gratings to equip cameras for research in Finland, is creating such cameras in Ireland. The diameter of one grating is 24.5 mm, and the frequency is 252 lines/mm. The developer and manufacturer of this product is the State Institute of Applied Optics (SIAO) of the holding. The company is the largest Russian manufacturer of diffraction gratings today.

“We have been cooperating with this company for several years and note a high demand for hologram optics. The next delivery of 30 products, as well as the total volume in the amount of 60 units for the first half of 2019, is a clear confirmation of this”, said Villen Baloev, General Director of the State Institute of Applied Optics.

More than 300 SIAO diffraction gratings in total have already been shipped for export this year. Partners from Norway and Germany are also among the customers in addition to the Irish company.