Future-Oriented Russia Exhibition Came to a Close in Moscow

Future-Oriented Russia Exhibition Came to a Close in Moscow


The fifth Future-Oriented Russia Exhibition was held from 4 to 22 November in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege as a part of the multimedia exhibitions cycle called Russia – My History. The Rostec State Corporation prepared the Industry hall for the event and demonstrated prospective conceptual solutions. Over 18 days more than 200 thousand people visited the exhibition, what is more than 11 thousand people per day in average.

The Industry hall visitors were able to see the leading advanced developments: a model of advanced tactical gear for soldiers, an unmanned aerial vehicle, a concept of heavy-duty motorcycle Izh by Kalashnikov Concern. Apart from preparation of the Industry hall, the Rostec State Corporation has also presented three items for the Health hall – an obstetric-neonatal system, a mechanical heart ventricle, and carbon implants.

A discussion forum called 360 Talks About Future was arranged at the exhibition where various lecture were given by inventors and IT industry representatives, modern scientists and popular bloggers, departmental officers and industry pioneers, famous film directors and media specialists.

In particular, the General Director of the Engineering Marketing Centre of the Vega Concern, Candidate of Medicine Alexander Kulish spoke about various scientific developments of the concern: "Today, we work on arranging the production of a navigation surgery station to improve the quality and success rate of complex surgical procedures. 3D-glasses would allow a surgeon to see through the human body without the need to dissect it. This development is very important for surgical procedures where the access to the area of interest is impeded. The navigator reduces the probability of medical errors and decreases the duration of procedures. In fact, the procedure will be performed in a virtual reality but in a real patient".

In 2018, the expo will be held in the historical park Russia – My History among other exhibitions: House of Romanov, Rurik Dynasty, From Great Depressions to the Great Victory, Russia – My History, 1945–2016, and will be continuously available for visitors of 57th exhibition hall of VDNKh (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy).