Vladimir Putin Made a Working Trip to Uralvagonzavod

Vladimir Putin Made a Working Trip to Uralvagonzavod

Today Vladimir Putin visited Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation. Accompanied by Uralvagonzavod Director General Alexander Potapov, Minister of Trade and Industry Denis Manturov and Sverdlovsk Region Governor Evgeniy Kuyvashev, the president inspected the rolling stock manufacturing facilities, chatted with the factory’s personnel and took part in the 6th annual Young Workers Forum.

Vladimir Putin got acquainted with new products, including a hopper wagon for grain transportation, a tank wagon for transportation of iron-ore pellet and iron ore sinter and a cistern wagon to transport liquefied gas and ethylene.

Personnel professional development is a matter of utmost concern at Uralvagonzavod. Last year over 18 thousand people graduated from different skill improvement and profession development programs within the corporate educational center.

Vladimir Putin specially addressed the professional development issue in his speech at the Young Workers Forum. “We are in need of those who understand the modern production process, the way it is functioning. We need professionals in computer programming and robotics. Modern industrial production is a complicated process, so we can’t achieve any significant results without well-trained, educated, and experienced personnel”, president Putin stressed.

According to president Putin, the country needs professionals with modern knowledge, new approach, who are ready for a challenge. Those, who are ready to accept that challenge and do it sincerely with their minds and hearts”.