The Seeing Eye: Rostec’s Ophthalmology Solutions

The Seeing Eye: Rostec’s Ophthalmology Solutions

The visual system is an essential sensory organ used by an organism to get up to 98% of information. And we usually realize its importance only when natural visual processes get deteriorated. Although the eye is a sophisticated organ, many visual defects are hard to rectify. For this, doctors need special equipment.

On the World Sight Day, observed on the second Thursday of October by the initiative of the WHO, we will tell you about Rostec’s ophthalmology solutions.


Slit Lamp

Slit lamp has been the primary eye examination tool for many years. It is used to detect many ophthalmic diseases, including glaucoma and corneal dystrophy. For this, the eye is exposed to a slit light beam to get an optical section of the cornea, lens and vitreous body. Shvabe holding offers a wide range of ophthalmic equipment designed for advanced detection and treatment of eye diseases in children and adults: from scleritis and cataract to retinal disorders.

As many as two companies within the holding produce slit lamps. SL-P-04 slit lamp and Russia’s unique SL-R manual slit lamp are the latest products made by Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant (ZOMZ). The latter is ideal for operation outside medical centers, for example, for visiting low-mobile patients and babies. Zverev plant in Krasnogorsk (KMZ), well known for its Zenit cameras, manufactures slit lamps of the same name, e.g. LS-01 Zenit.


Ophthalmic Analyzer

Limited field of vision may be indicative of serious eye or even cerebrovascular diseases. A special instrument − perimeter or visual field analyzer − helps ophthalmologists to detect such disorders. It can be used for detailed examination and shall be available in every eye doctor's office. 

Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant, among other ophthalmic equipment, also manufactures projection visual field analyzers (perimeters). They are designed to measure retinal light and color sensitivity thresholds in light and chromatic adaptation conditions for day, mesopic and night vision. 


Indicators and Tonometers

Ryazan State Instrument-Making Plant as part of Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies produces ophthalmic equipment for detection and physical therapy of eye diseases under the diathera trademark: indicators and tonometers intended for intraocular pressure measurement, magnetotherapy devices for treatment and prevention of eye diseases by exposure to a low-frequency magnetic field.

IGD-03 indicator conducts measurements through the upper eyelid without direct contact with the eye cornea in just a few seconds, which is much more comfortable and safe than other methods. At this point, the diathera is used in Russia for checkup and preventive medical examination of adults.

TGDts-03 diathera tonometer has a number of advantages, in particular, it minimizes the examination time during mass health screening without loss of information. The instrument is used for scheduled preventive examinations as part of a primary screening program as well as for 24-hour intraocular pressure monitoring.


Magnetotherapy Ophthalmic Device

AMTO-02 diathera made by Rostec’s plant in Ryazan is designed for myopia, hyperopia, asthenopia, computer vision syndrome prevention. It applies a pulsed magnetic field to the eyeball and adjacent areas.

The device consists of two parts: a control unit that generates pulses of a particular frequency and shape, and an inductor unit that serves as a magnetic field source. Optimized arrangement of three pairs of inductors provides a combined approach to physical therapy of eye diseases and helps achieve high treatment efficacy.

The device also has a positive preventive therapeutic benefit. It improves blood flow, augments vascular elasticity and tone, and restores visual acuity. AMTO-02 diathera is adapted as much as possible for home use. The procedure is easy and comfortable, and does not require special training and medical education.