Shvabe Sends Batch of Photo Lenses to Germany


Shvabe Sends Batch of Photo Lenses to Germany

Photo: "Shvabe"

A German distributor has purchased another batch of photographic lenses from the Zenitar and Helios product lines of the Krasnogorsky Zavod of Shvabe Holding. The equipment is supplied with different mounts for completing Sony, Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras.

Among the products sent to Germany were two products which were launched last year: the compact Zenitar-12, which is suitable for shooting landscapes and large groups of people even in confined spaces, and the Zenitar 2.8 / 60 Macro with an electronically controlled diaphragm.

The German market also received an updated "Helios 40-2" portrait lens, a short-focus ultra-wide-angle "Zenitar 2.8 / 16" and a medium focal length "Zenitar 1.4 / 85" lens. The lenses of the latter have a multilayer antireflection coating, which reduces scattering when shooting against light.

“We have been cooperating with this partner for two years. Our products in Germany are in demand among professional and amateur photographers. Last year alone, we supplied 75 pieces of photographic equipment, including a Zenit-M camera. In general, over a hundred products have been shipped to the customer”, said Alexander Novikov, General Director of Krasnogorsky Zavod.

In 2021, the company plans to launch seven new products for owners of Sony, Nikon, Canon and Leica cameras. Among them is a photo lens that allows to obtain images with natural color reproduction and high frame detail in low light conditions.