Shvabe Patents Improved Night Vision Device


Shvabe Patents Improved Night Vision Device

Photo: Shvabe

Shvabe Holding (part of Rostec) engineers offer a new technological solution for laser range-gated imaging systems, designed to improve the functionality of opto-elecronic surveillance equipment. 

The development team of MZ “Sapphir” (part of Shvabe Holding) received the patent. The new device enables surveillance in low light night-time conditions and low atmospheric visibility caused by fog, rain, snow and other weather events. 

This was made possible by introducing a thermal imaging channel, a passive mode control panel, and other technical elements. 

“The proposed solution improves the functionality of night vision devices. Precision surveillance in difficult conditions and quick angular field adjustment without compromising the image quality are just some of the advantages of the new build. These capabilities set the device apart from the products that are currently on the market”, says Sergey Kuznetsov, CEO of MZ “Sapphir”. 

The upgraded device is expected to deliver 3 to 10 power magnification. In normal atmospheric visibility, the maximum recognition range will be 1 km for a human figure, 4 km for a truck, and 15 km for a ship.