KAMAZ to Switch over Domestic Fuel System

KAMAZ to Switch over Domestic Fuel System

Photo by: KAMAZ 

In 2019, most KAMAZ trucks engines will be equipped with the new fuel systems by Altay Precision Components Plant. This was announced during the grand opening of the first Altay Common Rail System commercial production stage at Altay Precision Components Plant (AZPI). The new production line was "kick-started" by Yury Gerasimov, KAMAZ Executive Director and CEO First Deputy.

During the ceremony, Yury Gerasimov told that most KAMAZ trucks engines will be equipped with the Altay fuel systems as early as the next year: "I think that about 70% of engines produced by us will be furnished with Altay Common Rail System pumps. These systems have been successfully tested, and today we install them on the test batches of our products. I hope that we will entirely shift to AZPI components for those engine models for which they are designed." Executive Director of KAMAZ also reminded that the company will build a new K-5 generation vehicle in 2019.

"This is a joint project with Daimler Group. The vehicle will have a new in-line six-cylinder engine to be built entirely at the KAMAZ facilities and will be equipped with Altay Common Rail System," explained Yury Gerasimov. "In Russia, we have shifted to the Euro-5 engine standard since 2018, and AZPI pumps ensure conformity with the Euro-5 and Euro-6 standards."

According to Yury Gerasimov, the effect of such innovative import phase-out projects, similar to the one being implemented by AZPI, can hardly be overestimated. "First of all, for us this means independence from foreign suppliers. And, of course, it is about reduction of the production cost as the Russian fuel fittings are 30% lower than their imported counterparts. This will enable our successful competition on the truck market," noted he. "I think that the second Altay Common Rail System commercial production stage at AZPI will also be used for implementation of our projects."

The total cost of the new AZPI's project was 600 million rubles. The products of the Altay company will be supplied to plants of Russian producers of Euro-5 and Euro-6 diesel engines, including KAMAZ. In Russia, there are no other producers of complete fuel equipment apart from AZPI. Today, about 98% of the Russian fuel systems' market belongs to foreign manufacturers.