KAMAZ Goes on with the Development of the Gas-Powered Motor Vehicle Product Range


KAMAZ Goes on with the Development of the Gas-Powered Motor Vehicle Product Range

Photo: Alexander Utkin

Currently, motor vehicles are at the stage of global transition from liquid fuel monopoly to power source polygamy, therefore KAMAZ is taking persistent efforts to develop and launch production of such motor vehicles.

KAMAZ PJSC has established large-scale production of a wide variety of motor vehicles and buses using both compressed and liquified natural gas. KAMAZ natural gas vehicle production rates show favorable dynamics: the park of natural gas cars and buses made by the company is already approaching 17,000.

The company has generally solved the problems caused by the Western sanctions within the shortest possible period of time. Prompt measures have been taken to phase out imports of the product components with the Russian-made equivalents. As a result, sustainable output of the commercial product range has been ensured.

On this basis, the company has pursued its natural gas vehicle development plans that involve the end of K4 generation vehicle production, modernization of K3 generation vehicles using alternative component base, as well as the development and commercial production of K5 generation vehicles. Taking into account high demand for K3 four-wheel drive natural gas vehicles, the company has developed the upgraded versions with KAMAZ V8 gas engine on a priority basis and is to launch their production in October.

The company’s nearest plans include the launch of the most demanded KAMAZ-54901 LNG freight trucks and KAMAZ-65657 and KAMAZ-65658 CNG transport trucks by the end of 2023. These models use a locally manufactured modern driver's cab and KAMAZ R6 gas engine with an output up to 450 hp made by the company within a high-tech manufacturing program.

NEFAZ PJSC, a KAMAZ subsidiary, manufactures a wide product range of state-of-the-art town and suburban large-sized natural gas buses. Currently, efforts are also taken to change their component composition to alternative available products. The natural gas bus model range modernization framework covers the development of KAMAZ-6299 CNG extra-large articulated bus. The research and development are to be ended in 2023 and manufacturing is to be started in 2024.