Kalashnikov has Started Selling MR-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun

Kalashnikov has Started Selling MR-155 Ultima Smart Shotgun

Photo: Kalashnikov Concern

Kalashnikov Concern has announced the market launch of MR-155 Ultima shotgun for 12/70 mm cartridge. A new product is the first exclusive Russian gun with integrated shooting computer that combines a remarkable appearance and well-designed specifications. The gun involves two operating versions: with stock or pistol grip.

The product is complete with a high capacity 7-round magazine. The forearm has additional Picatinny rails and M-LOK slots for additional equipment: collimators, lights, NVD, laser designators, etc.

Controls – rammer knob and bolt handle – feature improved ergonomics. The gun is outfitted with a shooting computer and timer, round counter, statistics recording, stopwatch and compass. Hi-tech materials are used: aluminium alloy, special-purpose plastic and gun steel. Two versions are available: with replaceable/fixed chokes.

MR-155 shotgun has been manufactured by Izhevsk Mechanical Plant since 2012. The gun with gas vent mechanism is a general-purpose hunting weapon and may be used with a wide range of 12 mm ammunition. This model quickly became popular among hunters due to its reliability and hight performance and ergonomics. The MR-155 is available in various versions: with 710 mm and 750 barrel, 12/76 caliber, plastic or wood finish, and camouflage design.