Kalashnikov has Completed a Delivery of Another Batch of the Improved AK-12

Kalashnikov has Completed a Delivery of Another Batch of the Improved AK-12

Photo: Kalashnikov Concern

Kalashnikov Concern has dispatched another batch of the AK-308 Type 2023 assault rifles to the customer. Previously, the products have undergone a full mandatory test cycle.

A need for upgrading the previous two types (2018 and 2021) of the АК-12 arose when the firearm was used in the SMO zone: the combat experience demanded from designers and process engineers to find new solutions for improvement and modification of the assault rifle.

Now, the AK-12 Type 2023 design includes, in particular, a permanent slit flame suppressor and trigger and firing mechanism with double-acting safety lock and fire selector. A new diopter sight became more versatile and all-weather: it has a windage slide with various aperture diameters to facilitate firing in limited visibility conditions. A lifting cheek piece is provided for easy aiming when using telescopic or night sights. The receiver cover fastening system and forearm design were also modified. Two-shot cutoff mode, in turn, was removed.

Apart from these important and obvious changes, a number of engineering updates was introduced in the AK-12 Type 2023 to improve its performance. As a result, the assault rifle is now more light-weight and its design meets all current requirements for this type of firearm in ergonomics and ease of use in combat. In addition, the improved AK-12 retained its traditional reliability and environmental resistance.