In June Zhukovsky Passenger Flow Increased by 390%

In June Zhukovsky Passenger Flow Increased by 390%

Photo by: Pavel Ptitsyn

In June 2018, the Zhukovsky international airport's passenger flow grew by 390% as compared to the similar period of the previous year, and exceeded 100 thousand passengers per month for the first time ever. The airport complex is being developed by Ramport Aero, a joint venture of Rostec State Corporation and an international aviation holding Avia Solutions Group.

While commenting upon this result, Tomas Vaisvila, CEO of Ramport Aero noted: "One hundred thousand passengers is an important psychological landmark for us. To a large extent it means that we have reached a brand new level that allows us to state with assurance that the airport is being developed in the right direction. To some extent, the current growth was caused by an increasing passenger flow during the FIFA World Cup. Nevertheless, this result was expected even despite the football championship. To a greater degree it was caused by the extending route network and growing flight rate of the current regular flights. We have been steadily moving towards this goal, and our short-term plans are to consolidate and improve this result."

The current year is quite successful for Zhukovsky – 472,877 passengers have been carried during the first six month which is more than during the entire 2017. The growth of the passenger flow is ensured by the activity of partner airline carriers and the growing flight rate along the regular routes. The most popular are flights to Minsk, Tel Aviv and Simferopol. Significant progress has also been achieved in developing the flight services between Russia and China: today, Zhukovsky has regular flights to Guangzhou, Xian, Fuzhou, Haikou and Jinan.

The Zhukovsky Airport is still busy developing the international and domestic route network and attracting new airline carriers.

The Zhukovsky Airport that was opened in spring 2016 is located on the Ramenskoe Airfield 23 km from the capital and has the longest (5,500 m) runway in Europe that allows to operate passenger-carrying and cargo aircraft of any type. The Zhukovsky Airport supports airline operations with the airports of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Turkey, Israel, China, Georgia and Italy. At the end of 2017, Zhukovsky won the Russia's Air Gate award in the "International airport with a passenger flow of up to 0.5 million people" category.