India's Largest Airspace Exhibit to Begin

India's Largest Airspace Exhibit to Begin

Rostec State Corporation will demonstrate over 200 cutting-edge designs for civilian and military use during the International expo Aero India 2019 which is to take place on February, 20-14 in Bangalore, India. The exhibit includes engines for military and civil aircrafts and boost vehicles, the newest weapons of destruction, helicopter equipment and many more.

The organizing party for the whole display is Rostec's exporting company, Rosoboronexport. The stands will demonstrate samples produced by the State Corporation's companies and other manufacturing enterprises of Russia.

For instance, the holding Russian Helicopters will demonstrate a model of a multi-purpose docking helicopter Ka-226T equipped with a distinct main rotor blade folding system. Also, new models of the helicopter Ansat - Mi-38 and Mi-171A2 - will be presented.

United Aircraft Corporation will demonstrate modern Russian airplanes: a multifunctional frontline fighter MiG-35, a multi-purpose super-maneuverable jet fighter Su-35, tanker aircraft Il-78MK-90A, a military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A(E), a training aircraft Yak-130.

United Engine Corporation will present high-efficiency power units for civil and military airplanes, helicopters, unpiloted aircrafts, space carriers, marine engines and gas turbine power units for industrial purposes.

The Tecmash concern will demonstrate the newest airborne weapons. One of the concern's key exhibits is an unguided airborne missile C-13-T, a fortbuster with a bi-module bunker-buster warhead designed to destroy aircrafts in reinforced concrete shelters, runways and other rugged targets.

'Rosoboronexport's order list reached $10 billion in India in 2018. Today, the Corporation supplies India with helicopter equipment, provides collaboration in the aerospace industry and develops local projects in the framework of the Make in India program.

Russia is one of the countries to support the program since day one. We cannot overlook the possibility of localizing the manufacturing of specific pieces of equipment here in India.' notes Rostec's International Collaboration Manager Viktor Kladov.

An important agenda during the negotiations with the Indian partners will be the project on localizing the manufacturing of Ka-226T. At the moment, the details for the prospective contract are being discussed. Moreover, the co-joint enterprise Indo-Russian Helicopters Limited is willing to place offer Ka-226T helicopters to the Indian Navy for the bidding round on a purchase of 111 helicopters.

'Aero India 2019 will be a new step in Russia-Indian collaboration in various industries including civil ones. Rostec manufactures a wide variety of products for civil use which - we are convinced - will be of great interest for our Indian partners.' shares Viktor Kladov.

Rostec keeps carrying out the ambitious product development and promotion program in accord with the approved Strategy-2025 whose key objectives are increasing the operational efficiency, increasing the share of civil produce in the overall revenue to 50%, and entering the rapidly growing global markets.

India is a very important strategic partner for the State Corporation. Last year, Russia and India signed contracts of record volume to supply Russian military equipment and its manufacturing at Indian production sites.