Rostec Games

Rostec Games

The Olympic preparations are now at the very height, as the country is getting ready for the foremost sports event of 2014, the Winter Olympic Games. Sportsmen’s training is being discussed over and over. Professional sport follows its own laws, but we shouldn’t forget about amateur sport development. Rostekhnologii State Corporation has already achieved impressive results in this field, which has been proved by the last Russian Corporate Games.

A year before the Olympics Rostec and Sport Fund organised a tournament. Over 1200 people participated in it. It is worth mentioning, that Russian Corporate Games is the largest mass sport event in Russia. First competitions were held in 2011. They received participants from all over the country. The event takes place twice a year in summer and winter. Last Games were the fourth.

73 organisations including 35 non-Rostec companies took part in the Winter Corporate Games. The teams of Rosoboronexport, AVTOVAZ, Russian Helicopters, VSMPO-AVISMA, ORPE Technologiya became the most successful.

Athletes competed in 25 sports: skiing, snowboarding, hockey, chess, track and field, arena football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, shooting, etc. The tournament was held on the premises of several Moscow national sporting venues: Minor Sports Arena Luzhniki, Druzhba Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Luzhniki Olympic Complex swimming pool. Arena football cup took place at Lokomotiv Stadium, track and field competitions were held at Znamenskie brothers Athletics complex.

Skiing completion went off on the Vorobyovy Hills. According to participant confessions, track was far from being easy.

Sergey Mishanin (VSMPO-AVISMA):

- The track was well equipped but running after the lift was hard. Many participants took a speed as if they had been running 500m instead of 3 km. Of course, real competition started in a while among those being able to hold the tempo.

The athlete also mentioned good condition of the rivals:

- During the trainings we didn’t know who we would compete. However, when we were at the starting line, participants’ style and manner showed it was going to be an intensive battle.

Sergey was the 4th in overall rankings and got a silver medal in his age group. Rostec Corporate Games have several age classes, however, a participant might choose open ranking.

- You should choose the category you can compete in in advance and persistently train as everything happening there, on the field or track, is serious, - Vyacheslav Gvozdyuk from Almaz, RPE said.

Regardless the amateur status of the event, many participants showed professional training which led them to marvellous results.

- I’ve been skiing for many years. There was a fierce competition in our sport; there even was a world-class athlete in our 30+ age group. I came second and I’m sure the result was quite worthy as the rivalry was hard. – said Gvozdyuk.

AVTOVAZ team also gained a considerable number of rewards. They had been winning the basketball competitions 4 times in a row. Track and field starts also were successful for the team. Galina Patrusheva became the best in skiing, running for 60m and 800m, broad jumping and athletic relay-race. Igor Tikhonov and Dmitry Afanasiev were all-round champions in weightlifting and shot-put. Anatoly Sidorov won the chess tournament, other Togliatti folks also got onto victory podium.

Rosoboronexport also held a handful of victories. Anna Khimina shone in snowboarding, Dmitry Korolkov bore the palm in ski downhill competitions, Aleksandr Zhuravlev was the first in 50m backstroking. Besides, the team also won the paintball starts.
Arena football comprised 20 teams from all over the country. The crew of Zvezda, Science and Production Enterprise, won the competition. ORPE Technologiya was the best in volleyball, Omsk Engineering Scientific and Research institute became the best in medley relay on the race-tracks of Znamenskie brothers Athletics complex.

Nikolay Volobuev, co-chairman of the Games organising board and deputy director general of Rostec underlined that Corporate Games are not just a festive sport event, they also are a way to bring people together and make them feel the wholeness of the corporation.

- Sport has always given new opportunities. Besides, Russian Corporate Games allow the participants to exchange the experience with their colleagues, gain new contacts and establish communications, which is beneficial for further working.