First Russian electric taxis will work in Stavropol region

First Russian electric taxis will work in Stavropol region

Stavropol region will implement first Russian electric taxis. The city will also open the first charging terminal.

AVTOVAZ has made 5 electrocars to operate as the first eco-friendly taxis. Market price of a car is 1.2 million roubles.

Stavropol region became a pilot region to implement the transfer to electric cars project. The plan is aimed to improving the recreational environment in Caucuses Mineral Waters. AVTOVAZ is the partner of Stavropol region. In November, 2012 the tests of ELLADA, electric car based on Lada Kalina by AVTOVAZ, were conducted.

In order to enhance the region’s infrastructure, the government negotiates charging station constructing. The construction of one such complex based on a filling station is estimated to 20 – 60 million roubles, which approximates to 50-150 charging devices producing. Stavropol Elektroavtomatika has worked out a fast recharging station project.

The electrocars purchasing and creating the required infrastructure are mostly at the Avtokolonna # 1721’s expenses. Stavropol region government will also invest 35 million roubles into the project.
The plan implementation will increase the region tax revenues at 8.5 million roubles per year, tourism is estimated to rise at 5% per year, which will bring additional 200 million roubles annually.

Source: REGNUM