UNICHIM has Phased Out the Import of Raw Materials for Make-Up Products

UNICHIM has Phased Out the Import of Raw Materials for Make-Up Products

Photo: ORPE Technologiya

Urals Scientific-Research Institute of Chemicals (UNICHIM) included in the holding under the control of ORPE Technologiya has set up the production of make-up components from domestic raw materials within the import substitution program. They may be used to make a wide range of make-up products, including powder, eyeshadow, rouge, pencils and lipsticks. 

Production of components based on hexagonal boron nitride was set up at Urals Scientific-Research Institute of Chemicals. Due to its structure, hexagonal boron nitride has outstanding covering and masking properties necessary for production of particular cosmetic products. 

Production of various grades of material meeting all stringent requirements imposed by modern cosmetics industry has been already set up. Production capacities of the institute’s pilot factory will be able to fully cover the demand of the Russian cosmetics industry for the required components. 

“UNICHIM is a developer and manufacturer of various boron nitride grades. The company’s competences make it possible to produce high quality materials, including those intended for cosmetics industry. The available equipment, raw materials and proven technology enable us to produce high quality and low-cost components for the domestic beauty industry, that have been earlier supplied from abroad,” said Yury Lasychenkov, General Director of UNICHIM.