UEC-Klimov has Increased the Service Life Rates of TV7-117V Helicopter Engines

UEC-Klimov has Increased the Service Life Rates of TV7-117V Helicopter Engines

Photo: United Engine Corporation

St.Petersburg-based UEC-Klimov, United Engine Corporation, has increased the service life rates of TV7-117V helicopter engine. Upon completion of work, the Federal Air Transport Agency has approved the major modification.

UEC-Klimov has increased the number of engine cycles as planned to support the Mi-38 helicopter program of Russian Helicopters holding, testing and further commercial operation.

In addition, the Federal Air Transport Agency has lifted the restrictions on engine operation with only air bleeding enabled to provide air conditioning in the cockpit. Power unit operation and fluid dynamics variables were also checked during flight testing of the helicopter.

“TV7-117V engine is designed for Mi-38 type utility helicopters. The approvals of major modification of the type design obtained this month are aimed at the extension of the TV7-117V operating conditions. We use the helicopter modification improvement experience in our work on the TV7-117ST-01/02 airliner modifications intended for domestic regional airliners,” pointed out Vsevolod Eliseev, General Designer of UEC-Klimov.

The approved modifications are the next stages of the performance improvement plan for the TV7-117V and all engines from the TV7-117 family. UEC-Klimov professionals have already successfully implemented the emergency power rating on the TV7-117V where a power of 3,750 hp was achieved, which is the best indicator in terms of takeoff power obtained for the engine family and on the market.