The World’s First Amber Fashion House has been Opened in the Kaliningrad Region

The World’s First Amber Fashion House has been Opened in the Kaliningrad Region

Photo: Kaliningrad Amber Combine

The world’s first Amber Fashion House has been opened in the Kaliningrad Region. A creative space in one of the old buildings in the Amber Plant area will become an experimental platform for creative public, artists and jewelers. On the birthday of the Amber Fashion House, young Russian fashion designers have presented their fashion lines complemented with amber jewelry.

For the opening show, the creative team of the Amber Plant presented its amber jewelry lines in styles created by fashion designers such as Victoria Ilinskaya, Maria and Daria Titova, GARTELI wedding boutique and young Moscow designers – students of the Department of Costume Design and Fashion, Kosygin Russian State University.

In their new jewelry line, the artists from Kalinigrad-based plant have implemented the latest trend to natural minimalism, strict geometry and sustainability – the line includes gemstones with retained natural crust, combinations of amber with wood and lather, and unpolished gemstones in natural tints. A total of 60 looks were presented at the opening fashion show.

Promotion of the amber brand – is one of the major objectives of the Amber Industry Development Strategy 2025 approved by the government of the Russian Federation. The state-of-the-art jewelry production at Kalinigrad Plant is outfitted with advanced technologies allowing to reveal the beauty of the gemstone as carefully and accurately as possible and to embody any creative idea. Today, the plant processes up to 50 tons of amber and the number of finished pieces of jewelry reaches 200,000.