The Largest Emerald in Nearly 30 Years Found at the Rostec’s Mariinsky Field Deposit

The Largest Emerald in Nearly 30 Years Found at the Rostec’s Mariinsky Field Deposit

Photo by Information Policy Department of Sverdlovsk Region

A rare emerald weighing 1.6 kg was found at the Mariinsky Priisk deposit, the only emerald deposit in Russia (part of the Rostec State Corporation). This is the country's largest find in almost 30 years - an emerald weighing more than 2 kg was discovered in 1990, since then the largest stone (1,540 grams) has been found in 2018.

Mine workers found an emerald in a mine at a depth of 260 meters. This is a true natural specimen, unique not only for its size, but also for its crystal shape. According to the color, the specialists attributed the mineral to the second category (green), according to the grade - to the third category (due to the presence of natural cracks). Potential buyers have already become interested in the finding, cost of the emerald, along with the scattering of precious stones mined at the deposit field, will amount to 32 million roubles.

“The Mariinsky mine is a unique enterprise for Russia and is the largest deposit field in Europe. Today, the government of the Sverdlovsk region is actively involved in improving the infrastructure of the Malyshev village and the development of production at this enterprise. Findings like this, of course, contribute to the promotion of the Ural Emerald brand in the world market and the Sverdlovsk region as a whole”, said Victoria Kazakova, Minister of Investment and Development of the Sverdlovsk Region.

Emeralds mined at the Mariinsky deposit, have repeatedly become the hallmark of the region. The “Gubernatorskiy” emerald weighing more than 1000 grams was discovered at the deposit in the beginning of 2015, and was recognized by Gokhran as unique. At the end of January 2018, miners found the largest emerald weighing 1,540 grams for the past 10 years, which was named “Marin dar”.

Mariinsky mine is an enterprise created on the basis of the Malyshevsky emerald-beryllium deposit. It is the only one in Russia, the largest in Europe and one of the three in the world. Beryllium, emeralds, phenakite and alexandrite are mined here. The Mariinsky mine processes 94,000 tons of ore, as well as 150 kg of emeralds, 15 kg of alexandrites, and more than 5 tons of beryls every year.