Rostec Will Start Exporting Face Recognition Technology to the Armed Forces

Rostec Will Start Exporting Face Recognition Technology to the Armed Forces

Rosoboronexport and NtechLab, which are a part of Rostec State Corporation, presented a unique solution based on the FindFace face recognition system for the needs of the armed forces and special forces.

The defense ministers of more than 30 countries got acquainted with the product. The demonstration was held at the exhibition of technological achievements within the framework of the VIII Moscow Conference on International Security MCIS 2019.

The FindFace face recognition technology developed by NtechLab is one of the most reliable biometric identification mechanisms in the world. Recognition speed is 0.3 seconds with accuracy up to 99%. Such high rates are combined with the utmost simplicity of obtaining biometric data.

This makes the system indispensable for solving problems associated with the establishment or confirmation of an identity.

"At present, Rostec in partnership with NtechLab is actively introducing digital facial recognition technology in Russia - it has already demonstrated high efficiency in our country.

The armed forces of our partner countries are actively modernizing their equipment to meet current and future challenges and security threats.

The introduction of an advanced personal identification technologies is one of the important and sought-after areas in the development of the modern army, and we are very pleased to introduce a new product developed by a Russian company to foreign customers, tailored to meet the needs and requests of the ministries of defense.

Rosoboronexport has already received a number of applications for it, and I am confident that after a successful demonstration at MCIS 2019 there will be new ones”, said Alexander Mikheev, the CEO of Rosoboronexport.

The face recognition system can be used to control the access, to suppress unauthorized intrusion attempts on objects. The system automatically captures images of persons in the field of view of surveillance cameras. The operator receives a notification if an unknown person or person from the control list is found. The technology can also be used while receiving or returning weapons and ammunition.

Fast-forward mode is suitable for investigating incidents with the use of photographic and video materials taken from the scene of incidents.

In addition, the product can be embedded into the software and hardware complex, which is mounted on the vehicle chassis

The special software features of the NtechLab solution include flexible differentiation of rights and scenarios, which allows simultaneous operation in different modes on several sites.

In addition, an intelligent algorithm is integrated into the system that distinguishes people's faces from the images presented to the camera.

This mechanism, called “protection against an attack on the presentation of a biometric sample”, eliminates the threat of an attacker’s access to an object by forgery.

“The face recognition algorithm created by NtechLab is one of the most accurate and fastest systems in the world.

While creating a solution on its base, we took into the account every scenario that can facilitate the operation of the military.  The whole range of possibilities of the algorithm is applicable for flashpoint areas and during counter-terrorism operations. The system is capable of operating in a completely autonomous mode, without being connected to data transmission networks or power supply”, said Alexander Minin, the general director of NtechLab. The NtechLab algorithm has been repeatedly recognized as one of the most advanced face recognition technologies in the world.

This is proved by winnings in international competitions in 2017-2018, which were conducted by the American Agency for Advanced Studies in the Field of Intelligence, the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the USA, as well as by the universities of Ohio and Washington.