Rostec has Supplied 15,000 Street Lights to Cuba

Rostec has Supplied 15,000 Street Lights to Cuba

Svabe’s Ural-based company has supplied to Cuba 15,000 LED fixtures made with due regard to climatic conditions on the tropical island. The equipment is designed for street light modernization in Havana.

Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant named after Yalamov (UOMP) has developed a new product range for the project. The products are resistant not only to voltage surges, but also to high ambient temperature, direct sunlight and high humidity. 

For the new light fixtures, UOMP has also developed innovative secondary optics to ensure uniform illumination of the road bed in accordance with the road and sidewalk illumination requirements of the Republic of Cuba. 

“We have contributed to Havana urban infrastructure development by supplying modified light fixtures. Power consumption of the products is 90% lower than that of incandescent lamps with the same quantity of light. The light fixtures are intended to replace obsolete equipment and, thus, to make streets more light, comfortable and safe,” pointed out Vadim Kalyugin, General Director of Shvabe, member of the Board of the Russian Mechanical Engineers Union. 

The upgraded fixtures may be supplied to other countries with similar climate, if required.