Rostec has Designed a Self-destructing Flash Drive

Rostec has Designed a Self-destructing Flash Drive

Technodinamika Holding of Rostec State Corporation has designed a flash drive that wipes out information by the push of a button. In contrast to the existing alternatives, the device is safe for the user, because the integrity of the casing is not compromised by the electric detonator engaged, and the data stored on the flash drive is destroyed without any possibility of recovery. 

In a new solution, the memory chip, power and control elements are housed in a single casing. If it is necessary to erase information from the flash drive, the user presses a button on the side of the device. The built-in power supply activates an electric detonator, which burns through the printed circuit board with a shaped-charge jet. The integrity of the housing is not compromised, ensuring the safety of the user. 

"Data security requires special attention in the modern digital world. We have created a new device that can reliably protect information from unauthorized access: the impossibility of data recovery has been confirmed by experts. In the future, we will have to test the device for security during long-term storage, for resistance to mechanical and climatic factors, as well as to work out different variants of the case design," said Igor Nasenkov, General Director of Technodinamika Holding. 

Self-destructing information storage device was developed at the initiative of JSC "SPE ‘Krasnoznamenets’" The storage capacity and the design of the flash drive are custom, depending on the customer's preferences.   

This device could potentially be interesting for government agencies, as well as companies that work with sensitive information.