Rostec at the IDEX-2023


Rostec at the IDEX-2023

Photo: Russian Helicopters

This year, the IDEX is celebrating the 30th year anniversary. Russia has been a permanent exhibitor at this one of the most representative international defence and security shows starting from the first exhibition in 1993. What do Rostec’s companies look like in Abu Dhabi this time?

One of the world’s biggest exhibitions

16th IDEX-2023 International Conference and Defence Exhibition is held from 20 to 24 February in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition is held biennially and attracts increased attention both of weapons manufacturers and customers from armies of many countries. This is one of the most important international exhibition in the world.


In this anniversary year, more than 1350 exhibitors from 65 countries take part in the IDEX and, according to the organizers’ estimates, there will be more than twice as many visitors – up to 130,000 people.


At the IDEX-2023, Rostec’s products are demonstrated at an individual Russian Pavilion with an area of about 1,000 m2 in the IDEX maritime space.


Battle proven

At the IDEX-2023, Rostec primarily shows the latest weapons and military equipment, from small arms and precision-guided weapons to armoured vehicles, airplanes and helicopters. Visitors of the Russian Pavilion can see more than 200 models of weapons and military equipment, ammunition and gear with about 150 of them developed by Rostec’s companies.

As to novelty products, a new control unit for Tornado-S MLRS can be distinguished among them. The control unit enables Tornado-S to hit multiple targets in one shot. The product facilitates programming the path and flight distance for each missile.


On the other hand, 122m unguided rockets for Tornado-G MLRS, which are also exhibited, are capable of engaging targets in hard-to-reach areas like mountains and canyons.  

Another premiere is the 53-UOR-281U 57mm high explosive tracer round. It is designed to hit air targets, soft-skinned vehicles and personnel.


Some air defence systems are represented by Pantsyr-S1M surface-to-air and anti-tank missile system and Verba shoulder-held surface-to-air missile – a successor of famous Igla – which has twice as high performance as its predecessor.

Visitors can also see the T-90MS tank, explore the BT-3F armored personnel carrier, BMP-3M infantry fighting vehicle, TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system and Terminator TSFV tank support fighting vehicle.

The aviation part of the Russian exposition space includes the Checkmate light tactical aircraft and Il-76MD-90A (E) strategic airlifter as well as the Ka-52E and Mi-28NE combat helicopters and the Mi-171Sh military utility helicopter.


A new sniper rifle and electronic scout

Kalashnikov Concern shows brand-new small arms – the PPK-20 Kalashnikov submachine gun and Chukavin sniper rifle (ChSR). The PPK-20 named after Victor Kalashnikov, the son of the legendary designer, is primarily designed for special detachments. The gun may be outfitted with a quick-detachable silencer, various modern sighting systems and other equipment and uses any Russian and foreign 9x19mm cartridges. Modern user-friendly design and ergonomics of the submachine gun also attract foreign customers.

Ростех покажет в Абу-Даби новейшее высокоточное оружие и бронетехнику
The new Chukavin sniper rifle (ChSR)

The new Chukavin sniper rifle (ChSR) also meets all latest ergonomics, design and modern sight system requirements while combining these specifications with the reliability of the Dragunov rifle proven over decades. The ChSR is already being fielded in the Russian Army.

Detailed surveillance is required to ensure high-performance sniper operation, and an electronic system as such is much more useful than any keenest eye. Ruselectronics’ unique 1K144-E reconnaissance system is able not only to locate the enemy personnel and material, but also to count them, classify objectives and calculate the direction of advance. In addition, the electronic scout itself remains fully invisible. At the same time, the system sensors can “see” the enemy infantry within a radius of 30 meters, wheeled vehicles – up to 120 meters, tanks or infantry fighting vehicles – up to 200 meters.

Ростех впервые представляет в ОАЭ уникальный разведкомплекс для скрытного наблюдения
1K144-E reconnaissance system. Photo: Ruselectronics

The 1K144-E reconnaissance system can be deployed within maximum five minutes. Seismic, IR and magnetic trackers, which should be covered with soil or camouflaged in any other way, send data via a radio channel. The operator can see all detected objectives displayed on the electronic map.

«Росэлектроника» представила «ружье» против дронов на IDEX-2023

Another Ruselectronics’ development – the Pishchal-Pro drone gun – is one of the lightest systems on the anti-UAV market. The system is mobile, does not need deployment and can immediately suppress links of any drones used for reconnaissance and conduct of combat. The Pishchal-Pro operates in five frequency bands at a time and engages targets at a range of more than 2 km.