Operation of the First Power Unit has been Started at Udarnaya HPP in Kuban

Operation of the First Power Unit has been Started at Udarnaya HPP in Kuban

Technopromexport included in Rostec State Corporation has successfully qualified and started the first power unit at Udarnaya HPP in Krasnodar Krai. Since 1 March, the power plant has been supplying a capacity of 227 MW to the wholesale electricity market. 

This is the first high-performance combined cycle power unit built in harsh sanction conditions using innovative engineering solutions. 

Udarnaya is an essential project for Krasnodar Krai. Commissioning of the first power unit will allow power deficiency in region to be reduced. The power plant will supply electricity to housing and utilities sector and production facilities, and ensure grid reliability in the summer peak period. The second power unit of HPP is being prepared now for commissioning. Our work is aimed at continuous development of the power supply system in the strategically important region and whole country,” said Elena Sierra, Managing Director of Construction, Rostec State Corporation. 

The total capacity of HPP Udarnaya will be 560 MW. The generating equipment of the HPP power unit will include the first domestically built GTD-110M high-capacity gas turbine made by Rostec’s United Engine Corporation. 

The machine has been created to replace foreign power units. Efficiency of GTD-110M is more than 36% which is comparable with the best foreign gas turbine engines.