Made in Rostec: a biorhythm stimulation device

Made in Rostec: a biorhythm stimulation device

Contemporary urban life is full of stress. Work, family, transport – everywhere we are under the environment pressure that generates a response in the form of nervous and physical strain. Everybody copes with this as best one can, but when one’s work involves permanent stress which develops into chronic stress, then doctors take over the problem.

To help doctors, Rostec’s company in Nizhny Novgorod has developed the Ritm-Polyot biorhythm stimulation device to achieve deep body relaxation through sound and light exposure together with breathing. The device is successfully used in the special military operation zone to help soldiers recover faster.


Antistress Operation

Researchers have proved long ago that a short-term stress is good for health, because it can help the nervous system and body as a whole adapt to new conditions and learn to develop protective response. However, when the tension becomes protracted, the body is not able to control it, fails to recover, thus, resulting in loss of physical and mental strength.

One of comparatively new stress therapy methods is multisensory relaxation. This is a relaxation technique that simultaneously involves several perception channels to control stress and tension. Multisensory relaxation may include stimulation of such systems as sight, hearing, touch and even smell.

When building stress tolerance, high emphasis is placed on breath control. Actually, slow and calm breathing can do wonders by normalizing blood pressure, heart rate and bringing the nervous system as a whole to a state of rest. Thus, by combining and co-adjusting multisensory impact with respiratory rate we get biorhythm stimulation – an even deeper effect on emotional state and better relaxation. Using this method, Rostes has created the Ritm-Polyot device.


How does biorhythm stimulation work?

The device consists of headphones, mask and control panel. Over-ear headphones are used to ensure maximum insulation from external noise. In addition, they can properly transmit all required frequencies. The mask has an internal shield, that translates light signals, and a respiration sensor.

The Ritm-Polyot device operation is based on the effect of relaxation or activation of body functions together with the impact on visual and auditory analyzers by light and sound pulses. Using a programmable light and sound impact, the device can normalize emotional state in work overload conditions, relieve nervous tension and fatigue, improve stress tolerance, prevent fatigue, and increase vigor and performance. It is important that this process does not require any medication and is safe as much as possible. According to expert estimates, a 20 minute biorhythm stimulation session is comparable in its effect with 4 to 6 hours of sleep.