KRET’s Plant in Stavropol has Upgraded a Machine Gun Remote Control Platform


KRET’s Plant in Stavropol has Upgraded a Machine Gun Remote Control Platform

Photo: Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies

Stavropol-based Signal radio manufacturing plant included in Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies has upgraded the machine gun remote control platform. The modules have been improved for application in the special operation zone. A batch of the improved products has been already delivered to a military unit participating in combat operations. 

The module provides control of a 7.62mm tank machine gun from a safe distance. It is furnished with a high-resolution video camera with dual-axis stabilization and powerful zoom. To operate the platform, the operator uses a terminal consisting of LCD and joystick. 

“The platform allows real-time target tracking and point shooting using remote control from a long distance. The system may be additionally equipped with a thermal imaging camera, night vision device, range-finder and individual security cameras that are arranged along the perimeter of positions,” pointed out Andrey Kocherga, General Director of PJSC Signal. 

The device was designed in 2023 on direct request from soldiers on the front line. Designers from Stavropol in close coordination with the customer’s representatives managed to manufacture the first prototype within two months. Several modules were delivered to the special operation zone at the end of the previous year with assistance from the regional office of the Union of Machine Engineers of Russia.