Kalashnikov Completed Passenger Hydrofoil Boat Sea Testing

Kalashnikov Completed Passenger Hydrofoil Boat Sea Testing

Photo: Vympel ship-building yard

Concern Kalashnikov has completed Kometa 120M sea-going civil hydrofoil boat testing in the Black Sea waters during April 2018. All systems, mechanisms and radio communication equipment are ready for operation.

At the final stage the boat will be subjected to testing in the rough sea featuring waves up to 2.5 m high. Then Kometa will under undergo finishing and painting to match the Morskiye Skorostnye Passazhirskiye Perevozki company brand colors prior to transferring to the customer.

Let us recall that the Kometa 120M marine hydrofoil launch ceremony took place at the Vympel ship-building yard (part of Concern Kalashnikov) in October 2017.

As previously reported, it is planned to build five Kometa boats in the near future, and Kalashnikov intends to float all in all about two dozen vessels in the Black Sea. Kometa’s is putting in shuttle service between Sevastopol and Yalta is scheduled for 2018.

The Kometa 120M passenger hydrofoil boat is meant to cruise passengers in the coastal zone. Its passenger capacity is 120 persons and speed is about 65 km/h. The vessel is equipped with spacious economy and business class saloons as well as an automatic roll and overload reduction system.

Video: kalashnikov.media