The Kaliningrad Amber Combine Resumes Cooperation With the Largest Japanese Jewelry Company

The Kaliningrad Amber Combine Resumes Cooperation With the Largest Japanese Jewelry Company

Last weekend, representatives of the largest Japanese jewelry company working at the Russian Embassy in Japan, Beoluna, visited the Kaliningrad Amber Combine, part of the Rostec State Corporation. The parties agreed to resume cooperation, and by the end of 2019 the Japanese company will start the first purchases of amber.

President of the company Joji Kobayashi and business partner Koichi Murakami met with the head of the subsidiary company "Amber jeweller" Bogdan Semchenko and the head of the sales Department of the plant Vitaly Kononov to discuss the resumption of historical relations.

Joji Kobayashi noted that Kaliningrad Amber Combine is a significant and important partner for the company. He focused on the fact that Beoluna company works only with the most famous companies and is therefore obliged to guarantee high quality of products. Taking into account how crowded the market is with counterfeit, the reputation of the integrated plant and partnership with it becomes the guarantor of high quality. As for the volume of raw materials and its types, the representatives of the Japanese company admitted that currently they are more interested in semi-finished products, as well as finished products. The President of the company believes that the creation of amber jewelry should take into account the ethnographic and cultural differences of the countries. These differences dictate certain requirements for the design of creative products, - explained the head of the company. In response to this, Bogdan Semchenko noted that the production capacity of the integrated plant allows today to work within the terms of reference, brought by Japanese partners, to create both semi-finished and finished products.

Vitaly Kononov told the guests about the work of the commodity exchange in St. Petersburg, auctions, including the sale of unique pick-ups. The Japanese delegation visited also the exhibition gallery at the integrated plant and the observation deck, at the trading point of which Beoluna representatives were able to get acquainted with the jewelry products of the "Amber jeweller".

Beoluna cooperates with Russia for more than forty years. The company from Tokyo first visited Kaliningrad in 1992, and since 1993 began to conduct direct regional purchases. Every year it was purchasing up to 1.5 tons of raw materials in the region, including working with the integrated plant.