A Total of 90 Million Passengers Flew Using the Leonardo Reservation System in 2023

A Total of 90 Million Passengers Flew Using the Leonardo Reservation System in 2023

The Leonardo automated information system (AIS) for air transportation management helped Russian and foreign airlines carry 90 million passengers in 2023. The digital solution designed by RT-Project Technologies (included in Rostec) and Sirena-Travel have received more than 300 optimizations and is being prepared for expansion of its functionality, including using AI. 

Leonardo AIS is a fully Russian passenger service. The system includes a set of solutions built to the IATA (International Air Transport Association) standards and is used to computerize most routine processes. 

“In 2023, there was increase in air carriage in partner airlines. This was about 120% of the total amount for 2022. The Leonardo system coped with such scaling successfully. Today, 64 air carriers are connected to the AIS, they carried 90 million passengers during 2023, while 44 million passengers had been carried a year before,” said Aleksandr Kuzhekin, Director of Development, RT-Project Technologies. 

The Leonardo is now actively coming into foreign markets. Thus, a system supply contract was made with Conviasa SA, a Venezuelan airline, in April 2023. Moreover, the system was completely implemented by the national airline of Belarus.

It is worth reminding that the Leonardo withstood an unparalleled cyberattack in September 2023. Then, the attackers employed more than million addresses in order to damage the system. Transport collapse was prevented thanks to the safety margin of the domestic AIS and correct efforts taken by the IT team.