Rostec creates new ICT giant

Rostec creates new ICT giant

State Corporation “Russian Technologies” integrates the 3 ICT concerns (Orion, Sirius and Ruselectronics) into the united Ruselectronics holding. The decision was made on December, 19 2012 by the Supervisory Board of Rostec

The process of transferring the Sirius and Orion assets to Ruselectronics will take about 1-1.5 years, Andrey Zverev, CEO of Ruselectronics tells.

Ruselectronics, the Head company of the holding is focused on producing radio electronic components and double-purpose goods. The company comprises over 100 R&D centres, design bureaus and manufacturing plants.
Orion is focused mainly on military and double-purpose communications and communication management systems including the aerial, naval, mobile, immobile, airfield drives, oil and gas pipelines control, diagnostics and management systems. The company comprises 15 scientific research centres, design bureaus and manufacturing plants.

Up to 80% of the Sirius designing was related to the defence procurement. 25 R&D centres and manufacturing plants of the holding produced automated control system elements, systems of radio navigation and secure data transfer. The concern was also engaged to the National Programme platform project, initiated by Rostec.

Ruselectronics upgrade its development strategy because of the restructuring. Andrey Zverev believes that Sirius and Orion obtaining by the holding will lead to the large vertically integrated company having a full range of competences in intellectual control systems, complex security and communications systems. The integration will also help to reduce the timings for systems designing.
Source: CNews