МС-21: Mainline Aircraft of the 21st Century

МС-21: Mainline Aircraft of the 21st Century

The newest Russian jetliner MC-21 can compete both at the domestic and world market with such series as Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 due to its aircraft performance characteristics and cost-effectiveness. Its main advantages are advanced aerodynamics and the newest engines along with the extended application of composite materials.

MC-21 is a project of short haul and mid-range passenger jet narrow body airliners series. Two liner configurations with standard two-class arrangement are developed: base МС-21-300 (163-211 seats) and shortened variant МС-21-200 (for 132-165 seats). The assembly of the first test model МС-21-300 was finished at the Irkutsk aircraft factory on June 6, 2016 and an official presentation took place on June 8 of the same year.

As for today, already three aircrafts МС-21-300 take part in test program: one is getting through static tests, two are already used for flights. The first flight of МС-21 was performed on May 28, 2017 and the second test model got off the ground for the first time on May 12 of the same year. Now Irkutsk aircraft factory is building three more aircrafts for tests and guide active preparations for commercialization of the jetliner.

Holdings of State Corporation Rostec also take an active part in the process of a new passenger plane creation. Rostec companies produce more than a half of jetliner avionics, provide with titanium and composite materials.

Besides, United Engine Corporation (UEC), that is a part of Rostec will become a supplier of PD-14 engines. The first models of МС-21 will be equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines; in future, they will be replaced by locally produced PD-14. This is a base civil engine of a new generation that is manufactured by the wide cooperation of the UEC companies for МС-21.

For the first time in Russian aircraft manufacturing wide application of composite materials is used in the construction of the jetliner. There are more than 40% of them in MC-21. As we know the composites excels aluminum in many technical characteristics. This material is light, notwithstanding its outstanding reliability, stiffness, high-temperature capability and durability. The experts say that the use of composites shall lead to decrease in aggregate weight of the liner for approximately 15%. Manufacturing of composite components for a new liner is performed by RT-Chemcomposite of the Rostec State Corporation.


Another main advantage of МС-21 is increased diameter of its body (4.06 m.) – the widest in its class. This provides additional possibilities for interior reconfiguration for different types of carriers, and a priori provides advanced comfort for passengers, that can be compared with the comfort of wide body airliner of the last generation. In particular, the capacity of storage bins in passenger and baggage sections were increased. The width of the passenger seat is 18 inches bigger and the aisle is 22,5 inches larger, that is significantly bigger than the ones that foreign competitors have.

Special seats, comfortable for all categories of passengers, were designed especially for МС-21. Besides, the aircraft has large illuminators, improved microclimate: increased pressure, new conditioning system and air moistening, the newest biological filters and three zones of temperature adjustment.

As for today, order portfolio for MC-21 consists of 279 aircrafts, and for 185 of those, there are firm contracts. Russian airline Aeroflot will be the first operator of new airliners – the fleet of the company will encounter 50 МС-21 planes. Leasing company Aviacapital-Service, that is part of Rostec, will finance the supply.