‘Management in the area of military-technical cooperation and high technology’ Department


Program coordinator – Alexey Vladimirovich Svishchev, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor.

MGIMO ‘Management in the area of military-technical cooperation and high technology’ specialized department was established by ‘Rostec’ in 2008. The corporation spends RUR12 mln on this department every year. The department trains managers in the area of promoting (to the foreign as well as domestic market) promising samples of high technology products of military, civil and double purpose and conducting scientific research on carrying out joint international projects. The department provides training for specialists mostly familiar with production organization, with engineering and technical education and foreign languages knowledge.

No less than 50% of the education group are technical universities graduates, specialists and bachelors (Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow Aviation Institute, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI). 56 magisters received training under the joint targeted training program (21 in 2010, 21 in 2011 and 14 in 2012). All of them were employed: 20 in ‘Rostec’, 36 – in ‘Rosoboronexport’ and other ‘Rostec’ companies. More than a half of all graduates got promotions (2010 cum laude graduate Viktor Rudakov has passed 4 positions and now is the head of the ‘Rosoboronexport’ offset).

According to the contract between ‘Rostec’, MGIMO and the student ‘Rostec’ shall pay for the student’s education as well as reimburse the costs, connected with the provision of the specialized department practical activity. If the student successfully finishes his education under the program and receives the magister of management title with the specialty in the area of military-technical cooperation and high technology, ‘Rostec’ will guarantee his employment in one of its organizations. The student is obliged to work under the labor contract in ‘Rostec’ or its organizations for at least five years after finishing the graduation in accordance with his specialty and qualification. 

Rostec has built a system of internship and practical trainings for the students of the program.