Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Department of military products marketing


On January 29, 2009 ‘Rostec’ Director General Sergey Chemezov and Bauman Moscow State Technical University rector Igor Fedorov signed an agreement on strategical cooperation, retraining and refresher training for specialist of ‘Rostec’, its enterprises and organizations.  The agreement provided the forming of a student contingent and the beginning of practical training in Bauman Moscow State Technical University since 2009-2010.

Specialized 'High Technology Products Marketing' department in Bauman Moscow State Technical University was established in 2009. Its establishment was one of the priority tasks of cooperation between ‘Rostec’ and BMSTU. 'High technologies management' program with the 'High Technology Products' specialty provides training of specialists that already have higher education.

‘Rostec’ managers and leading specialists are directly involved in the educational process and scientific practices, which promotes the strengthening of the practical specialists training.
The students of the department can undertake their internship in ‘Rostec’ organizations. It is planned to return students distribution, based on individual scholarships, grants and credits from holdings, plants and design bureaus for talented students in specialized departments.

The agreement also includes developing and carrying out joint scientific research program on the central issues of military technical cooperation state politics implementation.