St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU)

St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU)

Mechanics and Control Processes Department


Mechanics and Control Processes Department - 'Lurie Department' - was created at the Physics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad Polytechnical Institute (now St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University). This university was the first to become 'Rostec' partner in St. Petersburg. 2009 witnessed the signing of an agreement proclaiming cooperation in educational, scientific and technical domains. The main goal of the cooperation is collaborating the efforts to train highly qualified specialists for Russian industry.

'Lurie Department' is a world-recognized mechanics fundamental and applied education center. The staff of the department proudly carries on and develops scientific and educational traditions, laid by the founder - brilliant Russian mechanician, USSR Academy of Sciences corresponding member Anatoly Lurie.

The department comprises a pleiad of teachers, including 1 Russian Academy of Sciences corresponding member, 9 professors, 7 Doctors of Sciences and 13 Candidates of Sciences and assistant professors. 25 Laboratory of Computer Mechanics workers participate in the Mechanic and Control Processes Department educational process.

The department trains Bachelors in Applied Mechanics. The Master courses of the department are: 'Mechanics of deformable solids', 'Computational mechanics and computer engineering' (in collaboration with CompMechLab and CAD/FEA/CAE Centre of Excellence), 'Dynamics and strength of machines', 'Biomechatronics'. There is also a 5,5 year long-study 'Dynamics and strength of machines' specialist course.

CompMechLab and the department professors and workers regularly conduct research and development works, calculations, scientific and technical consultations and examinations, and train the specialists for many enterprises. One of such training customers is 'Rostec'.