Laser physics department


Head of the department - Mr. Nikolay Evtikhiyev, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor, Russian state prize laureate.

In 2004 based on the State Research Center of the Russian Federation FSUE Scientific Production Association 'Astrophysica' (part of NPK 'Optical Systems and Technologies' holding company) laser physics department was created. It is a part of the MEPhI's Faculty of Theoretical and Experimental Physics.

Among educational and scientific laboratories of the department are: controlled emissions lasers, nuclear-pumped lasers, waveguide molecular lasers lab, laser diagnosis lab, optical data processing lab, coherent photonics lab, ecological monitoring lab, holography and information optics lab, laser innovation technology center, magnetooptics lab.

The department comprises highly qualified professors, including leading Russian laser physics specialists.

Goals of the department: organization of students' term papers and graduation projects on timely scientific, technical and production subjects of the State Research Center (SRC), all-round assistance in signing individual target training contracts between students and SRC, providing MEPhI graduates with guaranteed jobs related to their specialty and qualification and providing conditions for their professional advancement, career progress and well-being growth.