Rostec Presents Ultra-High Strength Laptop For Extreme Conditions

Rostec Presents Ultra-High Strength Laptop For Extreme Conditions

Photo: Alexander Utkin

The Ruselectronics holding company, a member of the Rostec State Corporation, demonstrated a production sample of the Russian-made protected laptop for use in extreme conditions at the Innoprom-2018 international industrial fair. The hardware core of the PC is based on the Russian-made Elbrus 1C+ microchip.

"Import phase-out in the IT area is a key task of Rostec. Many enterprises of the State Corporation have been consistently working in this field, and this work is specifically important against the background of cyber threats' growth. Our product is based on the Russian-made protected Elbrus platform, and it is operated by software developed by Russian specialists. This approach enables maximum protection of users against possible information leaks," told Ekaterina Baranova, Communication Director of the Rostec State Corporation.

Sealed case of the laptop made of heavy duty aluminium alloy is distinguished by its resistance to external factors, such as vibration, shocks, extreme temperatures (-20 to +55°С), and ingress of moisture. Modular design of ЕС1866 allows to select the architecture of the CPU without the need to modify the design. The PC is equipped with a 17" screen, and its dimensions are 41.3 cm (length), 34 cm (width) and 8 cm (thickness).

The PC showcased at the fair is operated by the Russian-made Elbrus operating system, but it allows installation of any other OS, including the Astra Linux special edition.