Rostec Creates Exoskeleton for Workers

Rostec Creates Exoskeleton for Workers

Photo: "Rostec - Trusted Platforms Robotic Complexes"

A subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation, “Rostec - Trusted Platforms Robotic Complexes”, has created a special exoskeleton for industrial work that helps withstand heavy physical exertion. Mass production of the ProEXO exoskeleton is planned for next year.

“The exoskeleton as a means of individual protection does not waste time – employees can put it on and work. It is cheaper and faster than purchasing, setting up, and servicing expensive industrial robotics, and more efficient than existing means of mechanization and personal protection", commented Deputy General Director for Special Projects of “Rostec - Trusted Platforms Robotic Complexes” Maxim Skokov to TASS news agency.

ProEXO is especially useful in cases where a large amount of manual labor is required, and also helps to avoid overload and injury. As a result, labor productivity can double. In total, the exoskeleton can carry out over 11 industrial operations.

The ProEXO exoskeleton is comfortable to wear and does not impede natural movement. The device can be both passive and active: in the first case, it protects the human spine from overload, in the second - it allows to perform more work with the same level of effort.

As a reminder, Rostec State Corporation previously presented an exoskeleton for equipping the "soldier of the future" at the Army-2018 forum. The exoskeleton, made of lightweight carbon fiber, relieves the musculoskeletal system when carrying loads weighing up to 50 kg and increases physical capabilities.