Mi-171A2 Helicopter is Certified in South Korea

Mi-171A2 Helicopter is Certified in South Korea

Photo: Russian Helicopters

The South Korean Ministry of Lands, Infrastructure and Transport has validated the Mi-171A2 helicopter type certificate. The vehicle is being mass-produced at the Ulan-Ude aviation plant of the Russian Helicopters holding. The validation confirms that the helicopter construction meets local safety requirements and allows its operation in the Republic. 

“South Korea is the largest foreign operator of machines type Ka-32. Also, the country has a successful experience in operating Mi-8/17 helicopters in the police’s interest. The validation of the Mi-171A2 certificate indicates a high level of confidence in Russian helicopters and their relevance in the country. I am sure that the outstanding flight performance and the most advanced aircraft hardware of the Mi-171A2 will be highly appreciated by our Korean partners, with whom we are already negotiating the delivery of this vehicle, " – claimed Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters. 

The first foreign operator of the Mi-171A2 was the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the helicopter certificate was validated by the aviation authorities of India and Colombia. It is also planned to validate the Mi-171A2 certificate in China, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and other countries.  

The newest VK-2500 engines with improved performance characteristics provide groundbreaking possibilities when operating in the high parts of the mountains and in warmer climate. Relatively to mass-produced Mi-8/17 type helicopters Mi-171A2 indicators of cruise and peek speed has increased by 10%, its weight-lifting ability – by 25%. That was achieved due to the more efficient X-shaped tail rotor, the new rotary wing with composite blades, and improved aerodynamic profile. The implementation of the digital on-board complex KBO-17-1, made on the “glass cockpit” principle allowed to reduce the expedition crew to two. The view was improved by use of the video cameras when working with the external load. Flight safety has been enhanced by applying the modern TWAS systems and the collision avoidance systems. 

Depending on the operator’s needs, Mi-171A2 can perform medical, transport, search and rescue operations. Moreover, it’s capable of fighting fires, transporting passengers at any time at a temperature between -50 to +50 °С.