NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ at ‘EUROSATORY-2012’

NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ at ‘EUROSATORY-2012’


Leading experts from such companies as ‘Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant’, ‘Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant’, ‘Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant’,  KMZ ‘ZENIT’ will present over 30 full-size samples and posters of military, double and civil purpose products.

Almost all displayed optic systems are of day-and-night type, i.e. they work equally well at night as in daytime.

KMZ ‘ZENIT’ is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the area of optic and optoelectronic instrument-making. It has been designing, testing and manufacturing optic devices and optoelectronic systems for the Ministry of Defense and other power-wielding structures for decades.

KMZ ‘ZENIT’ will present combined tank day-and-night complex ‘Agat-M’ designed for the observation of the battlefield, detection and recognition of moving and immobile targets and point shooting from the tank gun and machine gun.  The exposition will also include the laser target designator and range finder 1D26. Its task is reconnaisance and spotting during the field and naval artillery firing with ordinary and guided high-accuracy artillery ammunition with semi-active laser guidance system.

‘Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant’ is the oldest Russian manufacturer of optic night vision devices of both military and civil purpose. It produces different products from armoured vehicles optoelectronic equipment to astronomic telescopes. Accuracy, reliability and ease of use made the products of the plant popular all over the world.

At the exhibition in Paris the enterprise will be presenting full-size night vision devices PNN14M and PN-14K, night vision monocular PN21K and thermal-imaging monocular PT2, laser target designator CLN-2K and range finder LDM-3 as well as a wide range of night sights.

‘Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant’ is a multi-product machine building enterprise. It manufactures complex optoelectronic, thermal-imaging products of special purpose and optoelectronic devices of medical and civil purpose.  ‘Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant’ has been supplying optomechanical and optoelectronic devices to the markets for many years. Its products have always met the traditional standards of Russian high quality.

At the exhibition the plant will present thermal-imaging devices for armored vehicles: aiming system and periscopic sight. Among other exhibits are tank fire control system, aiming system and tank sights. The enterprise has been actively developing external economic relations and offering cooperation in the area of development and manufacturing of thermal-imaging equipment to European partners. During the exhibition through the intermediary of ‘Oboronexport’ ‘Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant’ is planning to sign two contracts with its old partner - Thales Optronics multinational optronics manufacturer.

The exposition will also include the machinery of civil and double purpose widely used in the police, for firefighting and rescue operations. One of the main priorities of ‘Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant’ is the development and manufacturing of civil optic surveillance systems (OSS). These systems provide steady images of high quality for any type of shooting in any time of the day in low visibility.

OSS 730 is the lightest long-range civil optic surveillance system. With a weigh of just 25 kg it can detect objects at the distance of 10 km. The main feature of the OSS SMS 820 is its small size and weight, which does not exceed 5 kg. SMS 820 includes 2 information channels. On the customer’s request it can be complemented with a laser rangefinder, television or thermal-imaging channels. OSS-M is the new generation of civil optic surveillance systems. Its module-based construction provides quick change of information channels on-the-fly.

All Russian enterprises participating in ‘EUROSATORY-2012’ have vast business programs. Meetings with representatives of state bodies and private companies from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Israel, India, Spain, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Serbia, USA, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Ukraine and France are planned. This list of countries only partially reveals the number of NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ international links.

NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ consists of 20 domestic optic branch enterprises. They produce optoelectronic equipment of high quality, devices and systems of military purpose, high technology civil products: surveillance systems, aerospace monitoring and remote sensing systems, laser systems and complexes, rangefinders, target designators, photolithographic systems, precision elements and nanodevices, medical equipment, geodetic devices, lighting technology devices and many others. The whole range of products exceeds 5000.

NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ supplies its products to 83 countries. Its marketing strategy is aimed at the strengthening of competitive positions both on the traditional and new promising sales markets. One of the major directions of the company’s marketing policy is its participation in international specialized exhibitions and forums. In 2010-2011 NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ participated in 157 exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 

With the exposition at ‘EUROSATORY-2012’ NPK ‘Optical Systems and Technologies’ is planning to maintain existing contacts and find new foreign partners and clients.