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03 Oct 2017
"FORA": the First Russian Electric Charging Station

KRET intends to start commercial output of stations for fast charging of electric cars

13 Sep 2016
KRET Makes the Top 100 Defense Companies in the World

The concern took 48th place out of the top 100 largest military and industrial corporations as per the opinion of Defense News

26 Jul 2016
KRET intends to export Rychag-ABs

Mi-8МТПР-1 radioelectronic warfare helicopters with this option on board have already been delivered to the Russian Army

23 Jun 2016
KRET will create electronic warfare system for the sixth-generation aircraft

Aircraft’s sample will make its first flight in the period up to 2025

06 Apr 2016
Helicopters with an Onboard President-S System Are Ready for Export

The new onboard defense system will make helicopters unreachable by MANPADs and air-to-air missiles

18 Feb 2016
Rostec Has Developed Subway Train Autopilot

Moscow Metro has launched driverless trains

03 Feb 2016
KRET promotes printed circuit boards to the European and CIS markets

The concern's products are displayed at the Automation. Electronics – 2016 exhibition

19 Jan 2016
Photonics: From the laser to "radar sight"

Russia has everything it needs to assume the leading position in the world in the coming era of photonics

14 Dec 2015
Rostec's subsidiaries has made it to the Top100 arms manufacturers

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute released a report on the 2014 results

01 Oct 2015
Russia has offered Egypt the helicopters developed for the Mistral

The CEO of Rostec discussed the situation regarding the ships

24 Sep 2015
Rostec holding companies are ready to work with Egypt on the Mistral project

KRET and UIMC have proposed solutions regarding the equipment of the helicopter carrier

09 Sep 2015
KRET creates anti-terror systems

The Concern has the potential to equip F&E facilities with electronic warfare systems

Russia’s T-50 radar almost ready for serial production

KRET prepares new product

"MAKS will continue as before to provide an effective venue for business communications and promotion of cooperation"

Account of Day One at MAKS-215

12 Aug 2015
KRET is offering an export version of Khibiny

The latest missile system makes fighter jets invisible to the enemy

23 Jul 2015
The latest corvette is equipped with electronic warfare systems from KRET

The Russian Navy’s newest ship has been commissioned at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant

21 Jul 2015
More than 50 teams will participate in the Aviadarts-2015 competition

Equipment developed by KRET will be used in the flights

15 Jul 2015
The launch of a manned Angara rocket is planned for 2023

KRET has developed sensor equipment for the new Russian rocket

26 Jun 2015
KRET has developed a laser guidance system

The equipment can be installed on helicopters, drones, and ground equipment

23 Jun 2015
KRET has held talks with foreign military partners

During Army-2015, meetings were held with experts from Asian-Pacific, North African, and Middle Eastern countries

17 Jun 2015
KRET has begun production of the President-S system

The onboard defense systems is designated for military and civil aircraft.

02 Jun 2015
The Be-200 will be able to extinguish fires on vessels at sea

KRET experts have expanded the functionality of the amphibious aircraft

21 May 2015
KRET will present an unprecedented number of products at HeliRussia 2015

The concern’s latest products include a universal set of avionics for helicopters

21 May 2015
Successfully conclude flight tests on the Mi-171A2

Russian Helicopters tested the flying laboratory

30 Apr 2015
The Tu-160 will be less vulnerable to air defense systems

KRET is ready to equip the bomber with the latest electronic systems

10 Apr 2015
24 MiG-31BM fighter jets commissioned for the Russian Armed Forces

Rostec Corporation enterprises created equipment for the aircraft

20 Mar 2015
MiG-29UPG that was upgraded in India began scheduled flights

The KRET radar system was installed on the modernized aircraft

13 Mar 2015
A KRET product was named a winner of the “100 Best Russian Products” competition

The bracelet from the Opeka line of products monitors a patient’s condition around the clock

10 Mar 2015
Flying to Halley's Comet

In March 1986, the Vega stations explored the famous celestial body

02 Mar 2015
KRET continues to modernize the Indian Air Force

The concern met with its customers at the Aero India exhibition

25 Feb 2015
Russia's priorities in military and technical cooperation remain in the Middle East and South Asia

Rostec Corporation is focusing on traditional markets while also looking for new partners

18 Feb 2015
How to detect targets

The history of radar, from aircraft radio detectors to airborne radar

04 Feb 2015
KRET avionics for the newest aircraft

Igor Nasenkov: The Concern is ready to supply 84% of avionics for the PAK FA and completely replace the Superjet 100 avionics

27 Jan 2015
Gun for the PAK FA will be tested in 2015

Weapons for the fifth-generation fighter are developed by High Precision Systems

19 Jan 2015
Flight Rehearsal

Cosmonaut prepare for lift-off in KRET simulators

13 Jan 2015
How weather is forecast

KRET is producing innovative radiosonde atmosphere systems

Not Letting the Enemy Break the Password

KRET subsidiaries are developing friend-or-foe systems for aircraft, vehicle and object identification

16 Dec 2014
KRET to create information security tools

The developments are intended for military and public administration systems

15 Dec 2014
ISS: History of Space Cooperation

On the contributions of Russian enterprises and the future of the project

11 Dec 2014
KRET avionics upgrades the Yak-130

Russian and foreign customers have shown interest in the aircraft

27 Nov 2014
KRET has created a new navigation system for the T-50 fighter jet

The new development can integrate with Russia’s space-based satellite navigation system

25 Nov 2014
KRET will create an energy complex of innovative aircraft

Development is the key system for an aircraft

24 Nov 2014
The printed circuit board is the base of modern electronics

History of Development and Application of the Device

12 Nov 2014
KRET modifies avionics for Beriev Be-200ChS

It has already been implemented in the Beriev amphibious aircraft

10 Nov 2014
KRET To Present New Designs at Airshow China

The Concern Radioelectronic Technologies will display new designs of avionics and navigation equipment

30 Oct 2014
Sukhoi Su-35S: Capabilities Out of This World

Rostec technologies and designs behind the fighter jet’s excellent handling and performance

27 Oct 2014
Using Laser Beams for Free-Space Communication

New standards that may replace wires

21 Oct 2014
Rostec Presenting New Designs at Interpolitex 2014 Show

Ruselectronics, Shvabe, KRET, UIC and other holding companies will display new designs and products

20 Oct 2014
KRET Delivers First Batch of Himalaya EW System for T-50 Advanced Frontline Aircraft

The electronic warfare system is a key component for the fifth-generation jet fighter

Deep modernization of a legendary helicopter

Russian Helicopters and KRET are helping to build the Mi-171A2

10 Oct 2014
KRET Fulfils Government Defense Order for Krasuha-2 Radar Jammer Ahead of Schedule

The electronic signal suppression station has no peer anywhere in the world

08 Oct 2014
How to Fly Blind: Navigation Without External Reference Points

What inertial navigation is and how this method came into its own

25 Sep 2014
Stealth Technology: Theory and Practice

Possibilities and prospects for invisible aircraft

23 Sep 2014
Calculating flight altitude

The history and operating principles of the altimeter

23 Sep 2014
Russian Helicopters is testing the Mi-171A2 with the KBO-17 onboard avionics system

The holding company plans to certify the helicopter by 2015

22 Sep 2014
Atoms for Peace at Sea

The Lenin Nuclear Icebreaker: the first in the world and the first in the Arctic

17 Sep 2014
Autopilot: true guidance during flight

The first autopilot systems in our country were produced at KRET enterprises

16 Sep 2014
KRET Launches Joint Production with German Company

KRET initiated production of radio equipment jointly with Rohde & Schwarz

04 Sep 2014
Gelendzhik Hosts Hydroaviasalon-2014

This is the only show in the world that exhibits achievements of both aeronautical and marine technology

04 Sep 2014
Amphibious aircraft for the “fifth ocean”

Innovations from Rostec Corporation to help develop hydroaviation

01 Sep 2014
KRET to present avionics for drones and black boxes

KRET is taking part in a combined exhibit at Gidroaviasalon-2014 along with 12 other companies

25 Aug 2014
An innovative KRET product utilizes cloud technologies to help monitor health

An electronic wristband developed by KRET can monitor a patient’s condition around the clock

11 Aug 2014
KRET to present a universal on-board system for drones

The concern will present more than twenty new innovations for the first time at Oboronexpo-2014

06 Aug 2014
Rostec Corporation holding companies recognized as leaders of the defense industry

The list of top 100 defense manufacturers as compiled by the American periodical Defense News included Russian Helicopters, United Engine Corporation, and KRET

06 Aug 2014
KRET named one of the top 100 defense companies in the world

The concern intends to strengthen its leadership in the arms market and to develop further its production of civil goods

22 Jul 2014
KRET to Expand Activity and Take Up Cybersafety

The Concern will work in the area of secure electronic information technologies

10 Jul 2014
KRET to reveal its new brand in Great Britain

The concern’s enterprises will for the first time present their products under a unified brand at Farnborough-2014

02 Jul 2014
Friend or Foe System for Military Personnel

The military will receive state-identification sensors for soldiers

05 Jun 2014
Electric Trains Managed with KRET Systems

The concern is producing high-tech equipment for subways and electric trains

03 Jun 2014
KRET is developing the energy sector of Southeast Asia and Latin America

Concern has been actively involved in a number of energy projects

23 May 2014
New offerings by Rostec at the helicopter Klondike

The exposition of the State Corporation at HeliRussia-2014 included the products of 27 enterprises

22 May 2014
Laser technologies and intelligent systems

KRET and Russian Helicopters held a conference dedicated to development of the on-board electronic equipment

21 May 2014
KRET debuts under a new brand

Visitors at the HeliRussia-2014 exhibition will see the latest developments of the Holding

24 Apr 2014
KRET leads the Russian market of radio-electronics

The Corporation announced that its profits have doubled this year and it has fulfilled all its state defence contracts ahead of schedule

16 Apr 2014
Steve Haggarty: KRET sets the high standards

The head of UK Branding Agency talked about rebranding Concern Company

11 Apr 2014
From onboard equipment to space electric shavers

The story of the most interesting developments at KRET’s businesses for national and world aeronautics

07 Apr 2014
KRET is the new face of Radio-Electronic Technologies

The state corporation Rostec has unveiled a new brand for the concern

03 Apr 2014
KRET to create avionics for a new high-speed helicopter

The concern will present its best developments at HeliRussia-2014

20 Mar 2014
KRET to invest RUB 58 billion in development

In the next two years the Concern's companies will implement 192 new projects

18 Mar 2014
KRET to double its income

The concern has embraced a program of action for 2014-2016

28 Feb 2014
KRET avionics available enters the international market

The Ministry of Industry held a competition for obtaining EASA certification

14 Feb 2014
Energy for the Olympic Games

KRET’s company contributed to improving Krasnopolyanskaya power station in Sochi

13 Feb 2014
KRET to present new hydropower technologies

An enterprise of KRET will participate in the international exhibition HydroVisionRussia

03 Feb 2014
Hot water, always

Penza EVT is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of water heaters

24 Jan 2014
White Swan

The first flight of the world’s largest supersonic jet, the Tu-160, took place more than 30 years ago

26 Dec 2013
Defense Ministry will purchase additional batch of Yak-130

This contract is valued at 23 billion rubles

17 Dec 2013
KRET is planning to increase revenues 3.5 times

Concern has decided on its priority areas of activity up to 2020

09 Dec 2013
The Yak-130 is the best combat training aircraft

The defense minister praised the handling capabilities of the aircraft, whose avionics were produced by KRET

25 Nov 2013
KRET completed 2013 state defence order for Rtut-BM

Amount of contract for delivery of electronic warfare complexes exceeded RUB700 million

22 Nov 2013
KRET and the Chinese company AVIC have discussed developing onboard aviation equipment together

The meeting focused on aircraft manufacturing and civil aviation

07 Nov 2013
High Technology in the Kitchen

Induction cooktops developed by KRET are popular both in Russia and abroad

29 Oct 2013
Spacecraft batteries

KRET has developed a new battery for use in outer space

25 Oct 2013
The Night Hunter helicopter will be outfitted with new equipment

Specialists from Rostec holding companies are modernizing the Mi-28N military helicopter

20 Oct 2013
Rostec will undertake a large-scale modernization of Ryazan Instrument Plant

The plant will start production on new avionics, such as those for the Sukhoi PAK FA

15 Oct 2013
Navigation in the heavens

KRET flight and navigation equipment provides Russian aircraft with unique properties

14 Oct 2013
Russia has proposed joint development of the T-50 to Brazil

The two sides are expected to discuss the creation of advanced aviation technology

11 Oct 2013
High-Precision, Safe Landing Systems

KRET has developed a multispectral aircraft landing system that greatly reduces the risk of emergencies

10 Sep 2013

23 Aug 2013
KRET at MAKS 2013

KRET to show more than 70 unique products at the exhibition in Zhukovskiy

16 Aug 2013
“Kvant” celebrates 55th anniversary

Intelligence stations and mobile air defense systems developed by the corporation are one-and-only in the world

24 Jul 2013
Fifth-generation engines

The Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO) has begun to produce engines for the T-50 Fighter Jet

03 Jul 2013
Military Lasers for Future Wars

Radio-Electronic Technologies Group is working on next-generation electronic warfare systems

27 Jun 2013
New fuel management and indicating system for Il-476

New development by Radioelectronic Technologies is superior to all analogues in terms of precision and reliability

19 Jun 2013
Russian Ка-52 Alligator combat helicopter creates a sensation at Le Bourget

Spectacular program full of aerobatic manoeuvres was one of the highlights of the Paris Air Show

19 Jun 2013
New navigation instrumentation for Mi-171A2 helicopter

Radioelectronic Technologies has presented new avionics at Paris Air Show 2013

18 Jun 2013
Ka-52 upgraded by KRET

Le Bourget saw combat helicopter with advanced avionics

17 Jun 2013
New part of Sukhoi Su-35S debut

Radioelectronic Technologies presents latest navigation system at the Paris Air Show

29 May 2013
Soyuz TMA-09M docks with the International Space Station

The manned spacecraft, equipped with Radioelectronic Technologies’ Neptune-ME system, has successfully docked with the International Space Station

05 Apr 2013
Radioelectronic Technologies has selected Ernst&Young

KRET has chosen the British auditor in order to prepare for its IPO

05 Mar 2013
Rostec to offer Radio-Electronic Technologies to investors

Radio-Electronic Technologies looks to hold an IPO by the end of 2015

04 Mar 2013
Rostec prepares several IPOs

The Corporation is to hold IPO in several holdings in the following years

06 Feb 2013
Rostec displays innovative solutions in India

Aero India-2013 will see the newest samples of civil and military equipment

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